Coaching Process

The “Reimagine Success” coaching process in many ways mirrors how I approached making decisions in the financial markets and managing businesses – gather the initial facts, research and get educated to gain perspective, dig deeper to uncover key factors and simplify things, then make a decision and act (or in some cases, don’t act).

Phase I – Identify Limiting Stories

This is your opportunity to take the time to pause and reflect – something many of us don’t prioritize and devalue. We will shine a light on the issue(s) you bring to coaching to illuminate what’s working and what’s not. We’ll take a closer look at the pain points, the underlying beliefs that hold you back as well as their cost. What is revealed here will become part of the foundation of your reimagined success.

Phase II – Uncover Your Simple Truth

We will begin the search for a fresh perspective that debunks old limiting stories and uncovers key factors that have been buried and shut off. An important part of this will be to discuss the role of your “other” intelligence centers (like your body and heart, separate from your intellectual intelligence). We’ll also identify and examine aspects of your personality you developed when you were younger that no longer serve you well. This, along with new practices we’ll introduce, will open up new possibilities you may have not previously considered. Once we feel the most important values, qualities, needs, and drivers are known, we will develop a framework that helps you align your priorities and actions with your values and capacity.

Phase III – Live Your Reimagined Success

Through our work together and new practices you discovered on this journey, you will begin to experience the power and freedom of living in alignment with your truth. We will celebrate successes and work through obstacles as you bring your simple truth to the real world, fine tuning as necessary.

“There is in you something that waits and listens for the sound of the genuine in yourself. It is the only true guide you will ever have.” – Howard Thurman


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