How We Work

The Goal – A plan that resonates with you and excites you about new possibilities

Designed Specifically For You

Bob does not have a magic formula or one-size-fits-all solution. Every client is unique, and he treats you that way. Bob does not try to fit you into neatly defined stereotypes in order to make his job easier.

A True Partnership

This is not a teacher/student, consultant/client, etc. type of relationship in which Bob sets the agenda, judges you, or gives you advice. We will work as a true team, in partnership to hone in on the issues that may be creating the obstacles that get in your way, agree on the key factors to work to improve, and design a plan that resonates with you and excites you about new possibilities.

After an introductory meeting, we will have an in-depth intake meeting during which you will define the coaching issue and Bob will ask many questions that will help him better understand you and your world. In this and subsequent meetings Bob will work with you to hear, see and feel what you are communicating.

Following the intake meeting Bob will identify the key themes and discoveries from the discussion and employ several proven coaching models that will help him determine the most important skills and competencies to develop.

Based on this assessment, Bob will design a coaching program that will include a statement of a clear and concrete purpose and several action-oriented outcomes. While this serves as the road map to growth and development, throughout the coaching program the design remains flexible and subject to change as we progress and further hone in on what will provide maximum impact.

Most coaching programs last a minimum of 5 or 6 months/10 to 12 sessions. Generally we will meet every other week. In addition, Bob will ask you to perform activities between the meetings. Like most things in life, the more dedicated and committed you are, the more likely you are to experience improvement.

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