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Vince V., Attorney, Boutique Litigation and Real Estate Firm

I had a great experience with the time I worked with Bob. He is a gifted coach with a keen ability to gain understanding through listening and asking poignant questions. He helped me better understand my actual goals rather than perceived ones, and I have seen growth in both business and personal aspects of my life. I would not hesitate to recommend Bob to a colleague, friend or family member.

Vivek P., Engagement Manager, Global IT Servicing Company

At first I wasn’t sure if I really needed coaching. I went into it a bit skeptical and came out a believer.

Once I began sessions with Bob, a whole new world of possibilities opened up! It all began to make sense. He helped me realize my positive traits and get organized with my thoughts and energy. He helped me set attainable goals for myself and also helped me create a structured plan to achieve those goals. He helped me realize my worth to help me grow personally and professionally. Because of sessions with Bob I’ve become more confident than ever and I even took up challenges which I otherwise would never have!

He is incredibly organized and truly cares about you. He also takes efforts to follow up after the sessions and provide you the required resources. He’s been patient and always has great inputs when I need some guidance. Anyone could greatly benefit from his skills as a coach!

David K., Senior Vice President/Division Head, Global Real Estate Firm

I have been working with Bob for the past five months and the experience has been extremely positive. I might even say that his work with me has been transformational. Overall, I have had an excellent experience and I have grown personally and professionally. I have a greater sense of me, my goals and aspirations and the way I run my life. I also have achieved much better work-life balance (a long term goal). Finally, I have found a calmer demeanor through daily meditation and a regimen of gratitude and a more focused view of the future.

Bob has excellent listening and observational skills. Not only is he processing what is said in our sessions, but also how it is being conveyed and the body language associated with the discussion points. Bob’s written skills are also excellent, as he has sent summaries of some of our discussions which are accurate, thought-provoking and helpful in considering the issues. In effect, the value of our sessions is multiplied by the “post-game” information together with a plethora of on-point exercises, articles, books and other resources that enhance the overall coaching experience. Lastly, and importantly, Bob is extremely nimble and perceptive. Over the course of our discussions, the subject of my initial stated concern shifted. Bob was able to adapt to the moving target and successfully tie back the changed agenda to the initial mission statement in a seamless manner.

In sum, I am grateful for the experience and am glad that late in my career Bob was able to have me critically look into a mirror to help me become a better me (at work and at home). I highly recommend Bob as a coach and would be happy to speak to prospective clients to provide more detail if requested.

Jennifer C., Vice President, Wells Fargo

I came to Bob feeling like I was experiencing every day on autopilot. I wanted my life to be different but felt an overwhelming sense of inertia about making a change. With his intellectual yet practical approach, Bob helped me see how I was operating out of a sense of duty instead of intuition and passion.

He introduced me to new experiences and resources that are serving to get me back in touch with who I am as a person. As a result, I can visualize my path forward and am better able to connect with others – and myself – from a place of compassion and acceptance.

This coaching experience has broadened my thinking and created insights I will draw on for the rest of my life!

Jeremy A., Sports Medicine Physician/Professional Sports Team Doctor, Nationally Recognized Orthopaedic Practice

Being a young professional is incredibly overwhelming. I found that I was having trouble balancing career success, home life and personal health.

Coaching with Bob provided me with effective, easy strategies to slow down, be in the moment and enjoy all phases of life. I have been able to excel at work and dedicate my whole self to my time at home, a skill I struggled with for years before my sessions with Bob.

I would highly recommend him for all new, young professionals as his strategies will continue to help for years to come!

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